– Welcome OnBoard!
Despite the complexity of what it seems… it’s very simple!

Send us your stuff! We’ll convert it to our Smart Templates™ for your organization to access and order.

Your favorite Direct Mail piece, stored online in Your Account.  

It’s very easy. We do all the work so you don’t have to.

Please send us:

1. Your logo & Photo. (PDF, EPS, JPG) Hopefully your logo is a vector file or PNG.. (So we can knock the background out for your white label site)

2. Your contact info if such as: Full Name, Address, eMail, Tel #, Website

3. A) Up to 15 products for WEB2PRint Stores, B) 5 products for VIP Accounts and C) 1 product for Smart Templates™
These can be ideas, real products, InDesign documents, PDF’s, etc. They can be Direct Mail Pieces, Or static items like Bandit Signs and Business Cards. You can send us samples, sketches etc…
-We’ll find our way through them, design them, and convert them into our Smart Templates™
For each of the products you have several layers. Please call them out where necessary.
A: Senders Profile
B: Recipients Profile
C: Variable Text and Photo zones that a Sender can customize.
(You are the GURU. You tell us what to allow a user to change, not to change, and the style. i.e. Should it Be ALL CAPS? BOLD? ARIAL? Hand-Written”)
(You tell us the “Default Content” on the piece and whether you want a user to be able to edit it or not)

4. For WEB2Print Stores: Any information you’d like to have on your own “Info Site.”

If you have a marketing person or designer, we can work directly with them. Just let us know.

Use this Spec Page for a reference:

In any case, it’s usually best to just send us what you have and we’ll sort it out.
We’ll send you PDF proofs for confirmation. Once you have confirmed, we’ll convert them to our Smart Templates™
Estimated Turn-Around is 2-3 weeks.

Things that make it easy for your users are:
Categorizing things appropriately like: Prospecting, Retention, etc.
– Naturally we’ll subcategorize such as Business Cards, Postcards, Flyers, Bandit Signs etc… (We can figure that out)
Other suggestions are having content that you believe is successful so they don’t have to think about it.

You can send these via www.YouSendit.com
We can set up a DropBox folder if you prefer.

Please let us know.

Please send these directly to support@GoBigPrinting.com
I am Andy Detwiler. I will be your “Goto” lead on this account. Feel free to contact me anytime: (760) 208-8429



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