– Welcome OnBoard!
Despite the complexity of what it seems… it’s very simple!

Print on Demand Newsletters. We do all the work so you don’t have to.  (BUT, you get paid for it)

Please eMail to us:

1. The name you want in front of PrintAndMailNewsletter.com
Example:   Say your company name is Fire House Marketing.  It would be easier to use FireHouse.  SO, we’d suggest using ” FireHouse.PrintAndMailNewsletter.com ”

2. Send us your Logo.  It’s best to send a .png file so the background of the logo is transparent.

3. Send us your ABOUT US page.  What do you want your users to know about you?  See sample HERE!

4. Send us your TESTIMONIALS page. If you don’t have any… no problem! If you do… send them on over! See sample HERE!

5. A link to your subscription.  You can have two.  One for Monthly and one for Annually.
We suggest using either A) Paypal or B) Recurly.com

6. If you ever want to quit, simply send and email to support@GoBigPrinting.com and say “Please cancel my subscription to the PrintAndMailNewsletter program.”

7. Do you need samples?  Send a request to support@GoBigPrinting.com and we’ll send you a code you can use for 50% off.

8. We update the newsletter on about the 15th of every month. We’ll send an email to your subscribers saying the newsletter is ready at that time. We’ll also send two more reminders over the next 2 weeks.

9. If your subscribers leave you, simply send that contacts information to support@GoBigPrinting.com and we’ll deny their access to the account.

10. Once you send us your information, we’ll send you a link to your private Newsletter site. You simply place this link on the thank you page after your users pay your subscription. (Or, add it to the “return” page on your subscription plan)


Please let us know if you have any questions.

Please send these directly to support@GoBigPrinting.com
I am Andy Detwiler. I will be your “Goto” lead on this account. Feel free to contact me anytime: (760) 208-8429


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